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Achievements 2011-12

Acheivements for the Year 2011-12

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"

“Few of us will ever have the desire to set as tough a challenge as conquering Mt.Everest but most of us do indeed set smaller personal challenges for ourselves along life’s journey”. This phrase goes very well with our school. ANJUMAN-I-ISLAM’S  BEGUM SHARIFA  KALSEKAR GIRLS’ ENGLISH SCHOOL  has shown  great  achievements  in all the fields  and here are some shining stars .Let us have a look on our great achievements. 


26th July- Inter-Anjuman Essay Writing Competition

Inter-Anjuman Essay Writing Competition was held at Kurla Anjuman. The topic for Senior Group was “Global warming a threat to human life”. And we won two prizes for the same. The 1st Prize winner was Shaikh Affra Naushin Zaffar of Std. X and the 2nd  Prize winner was Fruitwala Nida Shakeel of Std. IX. Even in the Jr group we got 2nd  Prize and the winner was  Khan Amina Arif of Std. VI and her topic was “If I were a bird”.

21st September:-  Inter-School English Elocution Competition

Saboo Siddik Poly Technique had organized an environment awareness programme with a theme “Go Green” in which one of the category was English Elocution Competition. Many students participated from different schools  and spoke well.  Two of our students came as shining stars and won two Prizes - 1st  Prize went to Patrawala Ambreen Afzal Husain of Std. X and the 2nd Prize went to Ansari Hamda Anwar from Std. IX.

28th  September :- Inter-Anjuman Debate Competition:

Inter- Anjuman Debate Competition was held at Bandra Anjuman. The topic was “Should
mobile phones  be allowed in schools ? ”. Our students  spoke their hearts out and were very confident
while speaking. We secured
2nd position. And our participants were:-

1) Shaikh Affra Naushin Zafar- Std. X
2) Siddiqui Nashra Imran Ahmed-Std. X
3) Zufishan Zaffar Farhan -Std. IX

Handwriting Competition :

35 students had taken part in Hand writing Olympiad competition which was held on 17th November 2011.

Two of our students won the prizes :

1st prize Jr. Group-  Siddiqui Fatima Naveda Mohiuddin (VII A )

1st prize Sr. Group- Khan Rukhsar Ishtiyak ( X A )


23rd  November:- Inter-Anjuman Quiz Competition:

Inter-Anjuman had organized a G.K Quiz competition of two groups

1) Jr.Group

2) Sr. Group at C.S.T and Kurla Anjuman respectively. The Jr.Group had a written examination whereas the Sr.Group had an open session.

The Sr.group won the first prize: Their names are :

1) Shaikh Affra Naushin Zafar Std. X

2) Fruitwala Nida Shakeel Std. IX

3) Sunesra Mariya Aslam Std. IX

3rd  December:-Inter-Anjuman Teaching Aid Competition for Teachers:

 Anjuman-I-Islam had organized a Teaching Aid Competition wherein the teachers had to make the teaching aids and explain  how effectively  they will use it in the class. Mrs. Khan Sumaiya Masud and Ms. Khan Nazneen Sarzameen won the 3rd prize for Mathematics.

1st ,2nd  & 3rd  December :-Science Exhibition:

Education Department  had organized a science exhibition for E/F South Ward for 3 days i.e. on 1st , 2nd  and 3rd  December wherein different types of competitions were held and  our students and teachers have come with flying  colours. I
Essay Writing Competition for students, Patrawala Ambreen Afzal Husain from Std.X won the 1st Prize.
In the 
Quiz Competition we won the 2nd Prize. The participants were as follows:
1) Shaikh Affra Naushin Zaffar - Std X
2) Fruitwala Nida Shakeel – Std IX
3) Ansari Hamda Anwar – Std IX
Even our teachers  Mrs. Sameera Patni & Mrs. Sakpal Naina Pradeep received the 
1st Prize in the Teachers’ Essay Writing Competition for Urdu & Hindi respectively.

10th Dec:-Urdu Quiz time

Urdu Quiz Time Competition was held at Bandra Anjuman,wherein 3 of our students participated in the competition from our school. 43 schools had taken part from all over Mumbai.  We won the 1st round and entered the quarter final round.  Our school was among the top 8 schools that entered quarter final round.  Being an English medium School we managed to come in the super 8 group which was quite an achievement for us and our school was highly appreciated in the Inquilab Newspaper too.



             The Geography Olympiad Examination ( Conducted by IBGB Learning Society ) was held on 16th December 2011 at Anjuman –I-Islam’s Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls’ English school. It was organized at the State Level in various Schools across India. Out of which, 84 students from STD V to VIII from our school had appeared for this examination.
          Results for the same were declared on 16th February. It gives us immense pleasure to announce that amongst the 50 students who have been selected across India, our student Keriwala Masirah from STD VI has been selected for the Final Round at the National Level. She will be appearing for the the final round  on 15th April in Kota (Rajasthan). The examination  will be held in 2 phases, 1st phase will have a  written examination and the other will be orals as well as written. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd winners in  the Champion Round will be awarded a laptop, digital camera and wrist watch respectively and also certificates.

At the School level we had 3 winners in junior and senior category respectively. They have been awarded by gold, silver and bronze medals respectively and other participants received participation certificates.

The winners in our school for Junior group:
1) Keriwala Masirah -   Gold Medal (  Final Round at the National Level )
2) Ruba Sheikh                -    Silver Medal
3) Falak Naaz Khan         -    Bronze Medal

The winners in our school for Senior group :
1) Fatima Zehra Shaikh   -  Gold Medal
2) Zainab Fatima Shaikh -  Silver Medal 
3) Saffana Dhorajiwala.  -  Bronze Medal

Best Teacher Award

We are extremely proud to announce that our very talented Supervisor Miss Ayesha  Khan has been awarded with the best teacher award by Al Jammatul Muslemeen;  The Secular Education  Society  Mahim on  their 54th Annual Prizes and Award function which was held on 19th February 2012 at Bandra Anjuman.

Co- Curricular Activities


24th January: Inter-School Band Competition at Essel World

The band group of our school was taken to Essel World to participate in band display competition.

The group stood 2nd in the competition and received a MOMENTO.

It was a remarkable achievement for the students and the school.

28th January: Tiger Fest By Kids for Tigers

          Tiger Fest organized by Kids for Tigers – Many students from the secondary section participated in many activates like Poster making, Best out of waste, Environmental project, Puppet show, Face painting etc. Our students won the second prize in environment project.

8th July :-  Inter-Anjuman Poster Making Competition

Inter- Anjuman Poster Making Competition was held at C.S.T Anjuman for students of Std V to VIII wherein 8 students participated in the competition along with the art teacher.

We won the following prizes for the same:

Junior Group:

First Prize: Fauzia Zahid Ali Shaikh- VB

Second Prize: Tungekar Taiba Tahir – VI B

Senior Group :

Second Prize: Ansari Taibah Hafizur Rehman- VIII A

24th January: Tiger Fest

‘Kids for Tigers’ had organized ‘Tiger Fest’ for different schools all over Mumbai. There were many categories in which our students had participated .The categories were information stall, best out of waste, games stall, quiz,etc. We won three prizes in 2 different categories.


3rd prize for ‘Information Stall’: Our students had prepared a working model based on ‘hair boon’ .The Participants were

  1. Ansari  Samrin Jamil       - IX A
  2. Shaikh Madiya Aqueel    -IX B
  3. Ansari Sara Sohel            - IX A
  4. Fruitwala Nida Shakeel  - IX A


We also won 2nd prize for ‘Best out of Waste’. Ansari Uzma Niya Ahmed from Std VIII  she made a beautiful bird’s nest out of old news paper highlighting the diminishing number of sparrows in the city.


We won the 3rd prize again for ‘Best out of Waste’. Ansari Taibah Hafizurrehman from Std VIII made a tiger and a cave out of stone emphasizing on the danger our National Animal is facing.




Republic Day:



Republic day was celebrated with great joy and pride in our school.

 There were speeches, songs and dance. Inter Anjuman Band and Road Safety Patrol [R.S.P] March Past Competition was held at our Head office i.e. our Anjuman-I-Islam school at C.S.T wherein all Anjuman-I-Islam’s group of schools had participated. 25 Students from our school had participated in Road Safety Patrol [R.S.P] and we won 1st Prize for our Road Safety Patrol [R.S.P].


Swimming Competition :

YMCA had organized swimming competition on 25th September 2011, wherein many schools across Mumbai had participated in this competition. There were 11-12 groups of 6 students each. It is a matter of pride for our school that JASMINE.Y.FARAZ from STD VII-A won the 2nd Prize in 50m ‘back stroke’ and 3rd Prize in 50m ‘free style’.


Karate Stick Fighting Competition :

Inter Anjuman Karate Stick Fighting Competition was held at C.S.T Anjuman on 11th February 2012, wherein all Anjuman-I-Islam’s group of schools had participated. 20 students from our school had taken part in this competition. Ansari Taibah Hafizurreham from VIII-A received a gold medal for this competition. She indeed made us proud and is  truly an ideal sports Captain.


Anjuman Girls Bag ‘Top Honours at Symbolic Theatre’

Anjuman-I-Islam’s Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls’ English School, Mumbai Central

PVR Nest’s young expression is the first ever leadership program to educate and empower children on complex issues concerning their life family society, environment, school etc. through the wonderful and creative medium of cinema and art.
          Young expression program leadership module is an innovative educational leadership module amongst the school teachers. Increased environmental awareness and a greater focus on schooling in an environmental sensitive and active manner have made it essential to work on the role of school leaders amidst both the teachers and students. The leadership module will produce a significant body of knowledge and action points in the specific context of urban space – “Our city, Our Park”.
          On 28th Feb, 2012 the enthusiastic and energetic students of Anjuman-I-Islam’s Begum Sharifa Kalsekar  Girls’ English  School had won a trophy for symbolic theatre. The talented students had performed a mine play with masks and puppets. This fabulous play was judged by the famous celebrities Abhay Deol and Amol Gupte. The show was held at P.V.R. cinema, near phoenix mill. The students were overjoyed to meet the celebrities and display their talents to such an audience that valued performing arts so much.
          Ansari Samrin, Patel Misba, Ansari Mehvish and Ansari Rabaa, Hajwani Amena and Shaikh Zeenat of Standard IX and VII respectively had participated in the play. They had attended a two day workshop on acting skills. The workshop was held on 17th & 18th of Feb. at Versova.
          The in charge teacher Miss Nazneen had sensitized the students by showing them wall –E movie. After that she had worked dedicatedly and rigorously to prepare a fantastic play on globalization and had sent the recording of the same to the P.V.R. Amongst 40 schools, 5 schools were short –listed and further trained by the expert of performing arts, Mr. Niraj Kabee. Amongst these five schools that performed for the main event, only two were selected as the best.
          Principal Miss Fauzia Ansari was highly delighted to receive the news, she added “Our students are our prestige and I am proud of their inbuilt talents.” She encourages students for these activities to give an impetus to performing arts as well along with academics so as to explore different types of intelligence in the students.


Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last.


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