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International Activities

UK- Students Visit to our School :

A group of  about 20 UK students (18-22 years University Students) had visited India this month under the Study India Programme, led by HR College along with the British Council , to experience life and work in India. One of the aspects of this visit was also to gain an overview of the school system in India. Our school had been selected by the British Council for this visit on 30th August from 9:30 to 1 o’clock. The visit  mainly involved a quick tour of the school, interaction with Head,  teachers as well as the students, apart from observation of a class/an activity taking place as a part of the normal timetable.

        The main purpose of this visit was to gain an insight in the education system of  India, our school set-up, educational process , life skill education , and education in 21st century. The visit was a great success as both the students as well as teachers received an enriching experience about  global perspective  in education. They were truly inspired by the good tone of the students, their discipline and mannerisms, the school’s environment, activities and the efforts taken by the teachers towards the 21st Century Education.


Schools  Across India Join Hands to save the environment:

Over 300 schools from across India have registered for the new British Council initiative on environment and sustainability. The Grand Banyan project in collaboration with the NGO I Love My Mother Earth (ILMME) Foundation, has invited all schools to take part in one of the biggest paper recycling projects and contribute towards saving the environment and helping a huge number of less advantaged children with notebooks made from recycled paper.


Our school joined this national movement to demonstrate significant impact and…every little helps! This project basically involves two stages:

1.      A Million Notebooks Challenge

·       One month’s newspaper weighs about 3 kilos

·       A school with 1000 children can collect 3000 kilos of newspaper a month

·       3000 kilos of newspaper can result in over 1000 free notebooks for the disadvantaged

Add to that all other forms of waste paper, old magazines, etc….

This year we have planned to make our school a part of this biggest paper recycling project and contribute towards saving the environment and helping a huge number of less advantaged children with notebooks made from recycled paper. We have to contribute paper waste from 01 Aug - 28 Oct 2011. Our modest estimate is that our school can contribute 2000-3000 kilos of paper waste during this period. Paper waste can include full sheets of paper/ torn or shredded paper/ circulars/ used envelopes/ used or discarded books & notebooks/ cardboard boxes/ paper cups/ old newspapers/ magazines.


2.      Cleanest Day Drive


As a second initiative under the project, our school participated in the Cleanest Day Drive on 23 September 2011.

We had to make this cleanliness drive a unique experience by choosing a particularly significant part of our neighbourhood/ community/ city and making it spic and span through the combined efforts of students and other fellow citizens. Our school uploaded the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos along with brief description of our campaign on the project space on the  British Council’s website .We had also extended this invitation to our partner school in U.K. To read more about Cleanest Day initiative click here.

Besides these two major activities we also participated in ‘DESIGN YOUR COVER PAGE’ challenge based on conservation of environment. To further support our cause we have also tried to make our school as a plastic free zone eventually. To make this successful we have distributed specially designed cloth bags to our students on Children’s Day , followed by Poster Making Competitions, Slogans, etc.



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