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December 2014

December 2014

1st December:-Inter School Essay Writing Competition.

English Essay Writing Competition was held in our school, organized by the Tata group based on ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. 50 students had participated in this competition and expressed their views on doing their bit for ‘ A clean School , A Clean India’ project lead by our Hon’ble Prime Minister.

4th December:-International School Award.

Global issues are an important part of the lives of our students living in a world where economies are increasingly interdependent and global communication is a daily reality. The global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes and values of our students, the ethos of the school, the programmes of Study and Key Skills

 As a school, Anjuman I Islam Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls’ English School ( Pre-Primary,Primary and Secondary Sections) , Mumbai Central received the International School Award (ISA) by the British Council for Outstanding Development of International Learning in the Curriculum for the years 2014-2017.  Two of our secondary teachers Ms Ayesha Khan and Mrs Midat Shaik and our Primary Head Teacher Mrs Shermeen Syed along with her primary teachers, Mrs Alina Ansari and Mrs Fatema Tirmizi attended the grand award ceremony which was held on 4Th December at New Delhi.


International School Award recognizes and celebrates exemplary practices of internationalism in schools and is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for:

·         nurturing global citizenship in young people

·         enriching teaching and learning


ISA provides a framework for schools to develop an action plan and implement international activities throughout the year, and encourages schools to collaborate with overseas schools to create a rich learning experience for students through use of ICT, creative pedagogical practices and real context for learning.

The key takeaways:

·         ISA is a leadership challenge and fosters teambuilding, innovation, and project management.

·         Working on the Action Plan and the Portfolio encourages collaboration and critical thinking. The staff is motivated to improve teaching standards in their respective schools.

·         Pupils are taught using a methodology that embeds global themes in the curriculum.

·         ISA gives context to practice new skills in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and pedagogy in a safe and structured manner.

·         Opens a window to other countries and cultures, giving teachers and pupils a new outlook on the world.

·         Prepares pupils with skills for life and work in a global economy, opening their eyes to new opportunities.

·         Gives the school a fresh and attractive identity, and a new globally conscious ethos.


It has been our immense pleasure to be a part of the prestigious ISA programme and develop the international ethos of our school. Through the Connecting Classrooms, e-pals and many similar sites we established very good links with various schools across different countries. All these links have opened up new avenues for our school. We exchanged ideas about our diverse cultures, traditions, food habits, seasons, scholastic and co-scholastic areas, etc. and these interactions also helped teachers to enhance their teaching techniques. Right from selecting the activities, executing them and finally putting the dossier together, there has been a lot of learning all the way.By having an international dimension as part of our ethos, we provide children and staff with a wider variety of experiences both within, and in addition to the National Curriculum framework.

We also have a very strong partnership with North Leamington School, Warwickshire, UK since 2009 and it has been an extremely positive experience for everybody involved. It has provided our school with an invaluable opportunity to make meaningful connections with a talented and inspiring set of students, as well as an extremely dedicated staff. The partnership has continued to develop over the past six years with a growing number of staff and students benefitting from the opportunity to share work, ideas and experiences. The partnership has unquestionably helped to engage our students with global issues and they have thoroughly enjoyed participating in reciprocal activities that have allowed them to investigate the differences and commonalities between Britain and India. In particular, students have found video conferencing immensely beneficial as it has allowed them to interact directly with their peers to share their views on issues of sustainability, development and globalization.


Our  Primary Head, Mrs Shermeen Syed and the Secondary Head Ms Fauzia Ansari strongly believe, ‘’We at Anjuman create a healthy atmosphere where we intend our children to learn to live a Healthy Lifestyle in all aspects of their lives.  Thus we train them to actualize their potentials so that they grow up to be active global citizens of the future’’.

To sum it all, these activities helped the students to develop a positive sense of identity, open to new ideas, sense of inter-dependence and desire to make a difference. It also sharpened their global skills and they have learned to think creatively, empathize, resolve conflicts, communicate and collaborate and also take action responsibly.



4th December:-Inter Anjuman Quiz Competition.

Inter Anjuman Quiz Competition was held at Anjuman-I-Islam’s High School, Kurla.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   There were two categories: the senior and the junior group. Our Junior Group secured the Third Place while our Senior Group secured the First Place in the Competition.In the junior group we had Shaikh Ayesha, Ansari Saba and Shaikh Ayman from Std VII and in the senior group we had Khan Amina, Mansuri Ayesha and Kazi Uzma from Std IX.

5th-7th December:-Drama Workshop for Teachers.

Ms.Tasneem and Ms.Parveen attended a three day workshop organized by Ekjute Theatre Group for teachers based on ‘Learning through Drama’. This 3 days workshop was arranged by Anjuman-I-Islam’s Saif Tyabji Girls’ High School and Junior College as a mark of celebration of their Platinum Jubilee Year. In this workshop teachers were taught how to make their lessons more interesting and teach their students through the concept of drama to ensure better learning and whole class involvement in the teaching learning process.

9th December:-Workshop on Educational Technology.

Ms.Tabassum attended a workshop on ‘21st Century Educational Technology through Theatre in Education’ conducted by ‘ Parisar Asha Committee. This workshop was for the teachers to make their lesson plans more creatively and teach innovatively and effectively. Various activities were done and shown through acting skills to develop confidence among students and teachers.


16th December:-Workshop on ‘Transforming education with Innovation and Technology.

Ms.Tasneem Shaikh attended a panel discussion on ‘Transforming education with Innovation and Technology’organized by the ‘Times of India’. The discussion featured eminent panelist like Raveena Tondon and Prahlad Kahakar.It aimed to encourage healthy discussion to foster change in the education system.


19th December: Human Rights Day Celebration with MUNA

Human rights provide a valuable framework for good inter-personal relations and for making balanced, informed choices. It provides us with the skills necessary to work with each other, in spite of the differences, in order to address the global and local challenges of our times. Be it speaking up for issues such as violence against women, questioning government action or practicing citizenship on a day to day level...it all begins when human rights go back to school.

As students, teachers and others present in school explore, promote, and live human rights and responsibilities, a collective conscience naturally develops. The values and principles of human rights start to direct the thoughts and actions of the school community.
With human rights as an instinctive frame of reference, inclusion, tolerance, and respect for diversity enter into school life, leaving little room for bullying and discrimination.

A Human Rights Friendly School is where human rights are learned, taught, practiced, respected, protected and promoted. Through a whole school approach, 'Human Rights Friendliness' spreads into every area of school life. A school that is 'friendly' to human rights is one in which all are included yet every individual is unique. It is a place where human rights values are nurtured in via the school curriculum, through relationships, within the school environment and in the way the school is governed. When human rights spread through school life so completely, attitudes and behaviours are bound to change.

On17 th December, Anjuman I Islam’s Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls’ English High School, Mumbai Central   along with Maharashtra United Nations Association, Zonata Club of Bombay –III celebrated Human Right’s Day 2014 . The chief guest of the programme was Mrs Meenakshi Mishra, Principal Accountant General of Maharashtra accompanied by other guests , Dr.Zahir Kazi President of Anjuman-I-Islam, Ms Firuza Sena:President of   Zonata club of Bombay –III and other members of the Zonata Club. Here the students performed a play “THE SPEECH” a satirical play on women’s empowerment which was based on the right to speech which is generally curbed in the case of women.Women's movements are among the most global of social movements. Indian women's movements for equality are often praised for challenging patriarchal religious practices, while at the same time respecting religious differences and uniting across communities. There are achievements to celebrate, whilst also highlighting to the audience that there is still a fight for women's rights, that every audience member can play their part in championing for women's equality. It really touched the hearts of the guests. After the play some of the dignitaries delivered inspirational speeches. The students and the teachers were felicitated with certificates and a small token of love.

That's how our human connection deepens, widens and gets cemented. We begin to relate to each other not as rich or poor, dark or fair, passed or failed, but as human beings made equal by the rights we share. Knowing this, makes us act... speak out and stand up for our rights and respect the rights of others.

23rd and 24th December: Annual Sports Meet

Today a school withoutgames and sports is unthinkable, as sports and games have become an integral element of present-day education. Formerly teaching consisted of merely imparting the basic skills of 3R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).But true learning is much more than that.

Education is an all-round development of the child. In this respect games and sports play a significant role. It is in this backdrop that most schools organize their Annual Sports Day. There was excitement in the air. The collective heartbeats of hundreds could be heard. The cheers and  cries reached the ears as one stood in the campus of Anjuman-I-Islam’s Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls’ English High School on 23rd & 24th December 2014 holding  the Annual Sports Day  on a grand scale.

This was perhaps the most important event organized by the school, and all the students and staff came together to make it a grand success. It would not be wrong to say that the school took utmost pride in the Annual Sports Day. The program began with the welcoming of the Chief Guest for this event Mrs. Asifa Mulla, who hoisted the sports flag which symbolized sportsmanship and solidatary. Our Principal, Ms Fauzia Ansari declared the sports meet open. The other guests were Mrs. Salma Lokhandwala,Director of School Education, Anjuman-I-Islam,Mrs. Najma Kazi and Mrs. Shermeen Syed.The Sports commenced at 9.00 a.m. The school had arranged various exciting races like Get Ready and go to School Race, Santa Claus Race, Novelty Races, Hurdle Races, Running Races of 100m, 200m, and 400m were also organized. Other athletic events like relay race, long jump, Discus Throw  and Shot Put  along with many in-house tournaments like Kho Kho, Chess, Badminton, Table Tennis and the Carom Tournament were also   organized wherein the students gracefully showed their talents.Racers were sprinting on the tracks with such speed it was almost possible to hear the zoom as they went past across the field.

            The beats played by the school band made everyone energetic on the ground. There was a beautiful lazims performance by the students which brought a traditional flavor to the event with their drill where in they arranged themselves systematically across the ground to produce various geometrical shapes to entertain everyone for the sports meet. The rhythmic frolic drill display moving into different shapes projected the different exercises one can do on the lovely tune which matched their display steps. All the four houses displayed a splendid march past performance followed by the grand RSP parade. The Karate Display an ideal skill for girls which is the need of the hour, as it teaches self-defense, develops self-confidence and is an excellent form of stress release was also show-cased beautifully on the ground through informative displays.

The crowd comprising of parents, relatives and friends were very impressed with the creativity of the lazim display, aerobic drill displays, the karate presentations and they cheered the participants continuously.


 The school had ensured maximum participation of the students in the Sports Meet. At the end of the meet the red house bagged the top position and won the Champion’s Trophy. The prize distribution ceremony too turned out to be a grand affair, as the hard work of the students was largely applauded and appreciated by one and all. All the winners were awarded with medals and certificates and the best team won a trophy for their respective categories. The Sports Meet was declared closed by our beloved Director of School Education and people had loads of fond memories of the memorable event to walk away with.


26th December: School Picnic

On 26th of December the School had organized a picnic to ‘The Great Escape’ for the students. It was a perfect day and the students had a great time. They enjoyed the water slides, playing games with their friends and returned back home with loads of wonderful memories.

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