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September 14-15

4th to 8th August Visit from U.K partner school.

British Council’s Connecting Classroom Programmeis a powerful global education programme which is anexciting way of bringing an International Dimension into the lives of young people and their teachers.

Participants of the Connecting Classroom Programme consist of various types of schools.In response to the needs of different schools; the British Council facilitates the education authorities with successful exchange programmes in education strategy planning, school management, teaching and learning methodology and practices with their counterparts

As a part of the reciprocal visit programme funded by the British Council, our Partner School’s teacher Ms Natalie Beardall from North Leamington School,Warwickshire, UK visited Anjuman I Islam’s Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls’ English High School, Mumbai for a week from 4th August to 8th August’2014.The main aim of this visit was to carry out the reciprocal programme and take the partnership between both the schools to the next level which has had such a significant impact on both the schools ever since the inception of the partnership in the year 2009.

On her first day of the visit, Ms Natalie first met the head Mistress Ms Fauzia Ansari who briefed her about the Anjuman I Islam Institute and also gave her a virtual glimpse about the school through the website followed by a guided tour of the school.She also briefed her about the successful progress of the partnership between both the schools over the years.

The English Department held a competition ‘The English Literati Competition’ (It consists of elocution, newspaper reading and play reading) wherein she judged the students’ performance and felicitated the prize winners.

Ms. Natalie also observed the history lesson on ancient and medieval civilization by Ms Tasneem Shaikh where the students learnt about the remains of the ancient Harappan Civilization. She was also glad to see the students making ornaments of clay representing the topic.


In Health Education, she  observed the lesson ‘Prevention of Diseases’ by  Ms. Shazia who prepared a power point presentation  and spoke to the children about how it is related to the lifestyle and the simplest and the most cost effective way to prevent illness and injury is through proper training and education.

Ms Parveen gave a lesson on the Lions’ Quest Skills for Adolescence: Entering the Teen Years. The goal of this lesson is to help young people develop positive commitments to their families, schools, peers, and communities and to encourage healthy, drug-free lives.

As a part of the CCP programme, the Fair Trade Lesson was taught to the students of the sixth grade by Ms Fehmin Shaikh. Through the ppt. presentation she taught the students how one should carry out trade in a proper manner focusing on developing entrepreneurship skills in the young students. The students were told to prepare posters and leaflets on the same. Ms Parveen also conducted a lesson on the ‘Role of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the nation during the British rule’. The students wrote a report, an essay and also had an interesting Notice Board Display. Similar activities were also conducted in our UK Partner School.

It is very important for a teacher to know how to manage a class .Based on this Ms Nazneen conducted a session on Effective Classroom Management Technique  during Teachers’ Collaborative Time . Our guest Ms Natalie Beardall  was also a part of this and she also shared some fantastic techniques they practice in the UK. Subsequently Ms Natalie also observed the Science, English, Personality Development and Geography lessons too. She also interacted with the student council which is also a very valued partnership plan on Student Leadership in both the Schools.

On the last day a Talent Hunt competition was organized to unveil the hidden talents among students.The event intended to promote competition and creativity amongst students.Students of standard V-VII and VIII-X participated in the junior and the senior group competition which consisted of decorative flower making, ,mehendi design, salad dressing, jewelry design, pot painting, face painting, fabric painting, making articles of waste. Ms Natalie appreciated the efforts made by students .

Through these reciprocal visits over all these 6 years, a large number of staff members have been involved in both the schools, where they exchange the best of the educational practices and share their expertise on the topics alike. The students in both the schools have also been mutually benefitted and have great fun doing the activities with their peers from partner school through exchange of work, questionnaires, lessons, stories, videos, skype, etc.

 Successful partnerships have thus profound lasting impact on the professionaldevelopment for teachers, and an opportunity to share best practices with colleagues.

Whilst her visit at Anjuman, Ms Natalie Beardall quoted ‘I have had a fantastic experience at Anjuman, the teachers and children have been  extremely welcoming .  I have been very impressed with the work ethic of the children, it is clear that they value education immensely, which is something I believe children in the UK can learn a lot from’.

3rd and 9th September:-UKIERI SIP Programme.

UK- Students Visit  our School :

A group of  about 20 UK students (18-22 years University Students) had visited India this month under the Study India Programme, led by HR College along with the British Council , to experience life and work in India. One of the aspects of this visit was also to gain an overview of the school system in India. Our school had been selected by the British Council for this visit on 30th August from 9:30 to 1 o’clock. The visit  mainly involved a quick tour of the school, interaction with Head,  teachers as well as the students, apart from observation of a class/an activity taking place as a part of the normal timetable.

        The main purpose of this visit was to gain an insight in the education system of  India, our school set-up, educational process , life skill education , and education in 21st century. The visit was a great success as both the students as well as teachers received an enriching experience about  global perspective  in education. They were truly inspired by the good tone of the students, their discipline and mannerisms, the school’s environment, activities and the efforts taken by the teachers towards the 21st Century Education.

An important element of the Study India Programme is to provide UK and Indian students the chance to interact and learn from each other. Ideally about 25 students are split in 7-9 classes spending  around 3 hrs in the school. This visit  includes:

-          Welcome and Introduction to the school and Indian Education system by the Head Teacher/Principal.

-          Opportunity for the UK students to sit through a classroom session, so they can see how the Indian students learn.

-          UK students to make a presentation to the UK students on “Introduction to UK Education System”. This could include the subjects they study and how they are taught.

-          An informal interaction with Indian students and those from the UK so they can share learn about each other, their inspirations and aspirations.



SIP Background:


The programme enables undergraduate students from UK universities and colleges to visit India for three weeks to gain experience of Indian culture, way of life, people, arts, politics, economy and language and it also provides opportunity to the UK undergraduate students to explore for further study or work in India. The SIP students also get an opportunity for a one-week work placement or internship with Indian companies during their visit. The UKIERIStudy India programme started in 2009 and till date over 900 UK students have got a chance to travel to India and learn about new culture and enterprise skills. 

The programme is intended to broaden participants’ horizons as well as to help to address the disparity in inbound / outbound student migration by increasing student mobility within the UK from the UK to India or elsewhere internationally or merely to have a greater understanding of life in a global economy to address inequality of access to opportunities in life. 

The Study India Programme (SIP) is funded by UKIERI and managed by IndoGenius. 

While in India, the students live and work alongside their Indian counterparts, participating in workshops, working with a range of local, national & multinational companies and gaining a better understanding of a richly diverse country like India. The intention of the program is that students go back with a new perspective to life, having witnessed contrasts of wealth and affluence as well as poverty in India and further share their learning with peers in their home country. 

Also, the students work in groups called “Learning Groups” to enable learning in India and to help students reflect on their experience. 

On their return to the UK, the students are expected to go into UK schools and disseminate their learning and experiences as ambassadors. The students also engage online and network with other young people in the UK, to communicate the need to be Global Citizens.

4th September – Inter- Anjuman Essay Writing and Handwriting Competition for students

Inter -Anjuman Essay and Hand Writing Competition were held in our school for Std V-IX. There were three groups in Essay Writing Competition and it was judged on organization, creativity, and writing. Hand Writing Competition was held  in all the four languages.

13th September: - Inter Anjuman ppt competition for teachers.

It was held in our school for all the teachers of Anjuman.Ms.Sybal, Mrs.Shazia and Mrs.Amina from our school participated in this competition. It was really amazing to see different types of innovative ppt presentations made by the  teachers. All the teachers had worked really very hard  for this competition and their hard work really paid off.

27th September:Seminar at Mahindra and Mahindra.

Ms.Sana and Mrs. Saroj had attended the seminar in Mumbai organized by Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.in the Western Zone at Kandivali  Automotive Sector. The central part of the training was training the teachers and the participating students, the steps to make a working model of Jet-toy and Skimmer which works on the basic principle of science.

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