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Achievements 2014-15

18th January-:Tiger Fest

Tiger Fest was held at Maharashtra Nature Park by the ‘Kids for Tigers’ N.G.O. Various Competitions were held from morning till the afternoon. Competitions like Environmental Project, Face painting, Poster Making, Elocution and Street Play.53 students participated in various competitions. Our school was honoured with the 1st Place in the ‘ Face Painting Competition amongst some of the top schools in Mumbai .Bhatti Tehsin secured the 1st Prize for the same.It was indeed a mesmerizing experience for all the students.



22nd January:-Inter School Drawing Competition


Lodha Foundation had organized a drawing competition based on the topic ‘Republic Day’ .All the students from Std V-VIII participated in this competition. And we got two winners from our school In Group II, Khan Samiya Kafeel secured the 1st place and in Group III, Tungekar Taiba Tahir also secured the First Prize.


1st February:-Inter School Karate Stick fighting.

Filipino Martial Arts Federation of India (FMAFI) had organised the Inter School Karate Stick Fighting Competition at Anjuman Islam C.S.T. Six School participated in this competition at the Inter School Level. Ansari Mariya Ziya Ahmed participated from our school and she secured the first place in this competition with a gold medal and will be competing at the State Level.


19th February:-Geo-Genius Geography Olympiad

rize distribution ceremony for Geo-Genius Geography Olympiad was conducted in our school. It was conducted on 14th December,2013 by All India IBGB Learning Society with participants from the various schools throughout India. We opted for both Junior and Senior Level. We have been honoured as the ‘Best Participating School 2013-2014’.

Junior Group:

1)Khan Anzala Anwar won the gold medal

2)Khan Nazneen Shahnawaz- Silver medal and

3)Hajwani Aqsa Sajjad –Bronze medal.

Senior Group:

1)Shaikh Malaika Begum with Gold Medal

2)Shaikh Iqra Ayaz Ahmed - Silver Medal and

3)Shaikh Areeba Abdul Latif -Bronze Medal.

I.T Olympiad Examination:

I.T Olyampiad Examination was conducted in our school on 20th January, 2014 wherein 33 students participated in this examination from Std V to IX. It is a matter of great pride that three of our students i.e 1)Shaikh Fatima Iqbal from Std VI 2)Kazi Tubah Shahnawaz from Std VII and 3)Shaikh Ayesha Iqbal from Std VIII secured the Gold Medal and reached the State Level Examination.

National Handwriting Competition

National handwriting competition 2013 was organised by ‘SMART WRITE’ on 9th December, 2013 in our school.Our school participated for the same , and was homoured with the ‘BEST PERFORMANCE SCHOOL’ momento for it. There were three categories ‘A’,’B’,’C’ The ’B’ category was for the students from Std V to VIII and ‘C’ category was for the students of Std IX and X.



Three school champs were selected from each category.



Category ‘B’  

1. Qureshi Safiya Md. Abbas                                                                            1st Rank-8th B

2. Khan Nazneen Shanawaz                                                                             2nd Rank- 7thB

3. Ansari Ummehani                                                                                        3rd Rank- 7th A


Category ‘B’  

1. Sheikh Muskaan sultan                                                                                   1st Rank-10th A

2. Siddique Mariya                                                                                              2nd Rank- 9th B

3. Siddique Fatima Naveda                                                                                  3rd Rank- 9th A


Two of our students won the competition at State Level


1. Tasheen Parvez Dabir                                                                                 2nd Rank-8th A

2. Ansari Madiya                                                                                           2ndRrank-9th A

One of students won at District Level.


1. Khan Madiha Abdulla 3rd Rank- 9th A

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