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Clad in an orange dress teamed with an off white jacket, Ms.Biden covered her head with a scarf when the girls started reciting a verse, having a universal message of peace, love and harmony, from the Holy Quran.

Jill Biden, wife of US Vice President Joe Biden, said the world is a tough place for women but insisted that education is the key to success. Biden, an educator for over two decades, visited our school on 25th July 26, 2013 in the morning.

Ms Biden who was accompanied by her daughter Ashley was welcomed   by our Honorable President Dr Zahir Kazi, principals Mrs.Najma Kazi and Ms. Fauzia Ansari along with the school band. Jill, the US second lady then briefly toured the school and first visited the ICT Lab and observed the students practicing in the computer lab as it had been set up with the financial assistance extended by the American Center and inaugurated by Honorable Madam Christiana Rocca on 11th Feb, 2004. She then headed towards the girls studying in standard 10, interacted with them, motivated them to study hard and shook hands with the students wishing them good luck.

She then proceeded to address a hall packed with about 400 students in eleventh and twelfth grades.

“I’m very lucky because I get to travel around the world with my husband, the Vice President of the United States and we were very fortunate that my daughter and I could come on this trip to India,” Ms. Biden said in a speech.

She said one of her favourite things to do while travelling is to visit schools and meet young women.

"Everyone wants to pursue their dreams and do better in life. I think all this is possible because of education. I love teaching young women," she said.

The second lady spoke about Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who was shot by the Taliban for her outreach on education. Quoting from Ms Yousafzai’s speech on free and compulsory education earlier this month at the UN, Ms Biden said that education is the only solution for a better world.

Ms. Biden said. “We all want the opportunity to pursue our dreams and be treated with respect, regardless of our gender. We want to be able to take care of our families. The thing that makes that all possible is education,” she added.

 Ms.Zufishan Zafar, a 16 year old science student, was the emcee at the school function. Ms Biden spontaneously gave Ms. Zafar a long hug on the dais, which drew thunderous applause from the students. After her speech Ms Biden mingled with the students, drawing them, one by one, into her arms, as they stood up from their seats to greet her.

"The world is a tough place for women everywhere including work place. It feels good to see young girls getting educated. Education is a powerful weapon, it helps in some or the other way. You all are my inspiration and I am exited to see what you all do in the future" said Dr. Jill Biden.

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