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Symbolic Theatre

Anjuman Girls Bag ‘Top Honours at Symbolic Theatre’

Anjuman-I-Islam’s Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls’ English School, Mumbai Central

PVR Nest’s young expression is the first ever leadership program to educate and empower children on complex issues concerning their life family society, environment, school etc. through the wonderful and creative medium of cinema and art.
          Young expression program leadership module is an innovative educational leadership module amongst the school teachers. Increased environmental awareness and a greater focus on schooling in an environmental sensitive and active manner have made it essential to work on the role of school leaders amidst both the teachers and students. The leadership module will produce a significant body of knowledge and action points in the specific context of urban space – “Our city, Our Park”.
          On 28th Feb, 2012 the enthusiastic and energetic students of Anjuman-I-Islam’s Begum Sharifa Kalsekar  Girls’ English  School had won a trophy for symbolic theatre. The talented students had performed a mine play with masks and puppets. This fabulous play was judged by the famous celebrities Abhay Deol and Amol Gupte. The show was held at P.V.R. cinema, near phoenix mill. The students were overjoyed to meet the celebrities and display their talents to such an audience that valued performing arts so much.
          Ansari Samrin, Patel Misba, Ansari Mehvish and Ansari Rabaa, Hajwani Amena and Shaikh Zeenat of Standard IX and VII respectively had participated in the play. They had attended a two day workshop on acting skills. The workshop was held on 17th & 18th of Feb. at Versova.
          The in charge teacher Miss Nazneen had sensitized the students by showing them wall –E movie. After that she had worked dedicatedly and rigorously to prepare a fantastic play on globalization and had sent the recording of the same to the P.V.R. Amongst 40 schools, 5 schools were short –listed and further trained by the expert of performing arts, Mr. Niraj Kabee. Amongst these five schools that performed for the main event, only two were selected as the best.
          Principal Miss Fauzia Ansari was highly delighted to receive the news, she added “Our students are our prestige and I am proud of their inbuilt talents.” She encourages students for these activities to give an impetus to performing arts as well along with academics so as to explore different types of intelligence in the students.

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